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Issues linking a debit card
Issues linking a debit card
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I am having trouble connecting

At Atlas, we provide you with the convenience of instant debit payments through our trusted third-party partner, Astra. However, in some cases, you may encounter issues during the connection process. If you come across any of the following errors, it means that, unfortunately, you were not approved to use the instant payment feature with Astra. No need to worry, though, as you can still make payments via our reliable Smart Pay option.

Errors you may encounter:

  • Login failed due to an error on your account. Please contact astra support.

  • This user is suspended. Please contact support.

  • An unexpected error occurred. Please contact support.

Remember, while the instant payment feature may not be available for you at the moment, our Smart Pay option ensures that you can continue making payments with ease and peace of mind.

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