Instant Deposits

Add money to Atlas, instantly

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Introducing Instant Deposits: Effortlessly boost your Atlas account balance by linking your debit card. You can kickstart your journey with as little as $20.00.

What are the benefits of instant deposits?

  • Amplify your Spend Power

  • Earn 2% interest each year-- that's over 5x the national average

  • Help unlock higher cash-back rewards

  • Laying the foundation for strong credit

How do I set up instant deposits?

  1. Ensure your Atlas app is up to date

  2. Navigate to 'Spend Power'

  3. Click 'Add to Savings'

  4. Select 'Instant via debit card'

  5. Follow the prompts

Feel the convenience and power of instant deposits with Atlas. Your financial future just got brighter.

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