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If I switch my Direct Deposit to Atlas, will I get an instant cash advance?
If I switch my Direct Deposit to Atlas, will I get an instant cash advance?
Updated over a week ago

If you switch your Direct Deposit to Atlas, you won't receive an instant cash advance as a direct result. However, there are potential benefits that can come from switching your direct deposit:

  1. Higher Spend Power: By connecting your direct deposit to Atlas, you might become eligible for a higher Spend Power limit, which allows you to spend more using your Atlas account. While it's possible the initial amount of payroll credit you're offered may be little to none, you can grow it over time towards $250 as long as you maintain good spending habits, regular balance payments, and regular paychecks coming into your Atlas Deposit Account.

  2. Early paycheck access: Switching your direct deposit could provide you with the ability to access your upcoming paychecks up to 2 days earlier than with traditional banks.

  3. Access to Platinum tier perks: Depending on the amount you add, you may gain access to platinum-level perks.

  4. Open Mystery Boxes: Every time your paycheck lands, you'll get a Mystery Box. Opening a Mystery Box gives you a shot at doubling your paycheck, earning points, and getting sweepstakes entries.

While an instant cash advance might not be part of switching your direct deposit, there are other advantages that you could enjoy by using Atlas's services.

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