Pending Transactions
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What Is a Pending Transaction?

Pending refers to a transaction that is in progress but not yet completed. The pending date, also known as the transaction date, involves communication between the seller and the financial institution managing your credit or debit account.

Why this matters?

Pending transactions may never fully post to your account. This is why you cannot dispute a pending transaction. It also means that you cannot close your account while a charge is pending.


Pending transactions can take 2 - 5 business days. You will get an email once the deposit has been cleared by your linked bank and then another once it has cleared ours and is available for use.

Where can I see my pending transactions?

  1. Navigate to Home

  2. Scroll to Recent Transactions

Please note: If you are looking to close your account all transactions need to be fully processed before you can close your account. Additionally, you cannot file a dispute that's in a pending status.

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