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Withdrawing Cash at ATMs with Your Atlas Card

Withdrawal Rules:

Available Amount: Withdraw only the difference between your secured deposit and any pending balances. Example: If you have $100 in your deposit account and a pending balance of $50, you can request to withdraw $50. (not including acquirer fees charged by the ATMs)

Credit Limit Adjustment: Your credit limit decreases by the amount you withdraw. Example: If your spend power is $100 and you withdraw $10, it reduces to $90. (not including acquirer fees charged by the ATMs)

Withdrawal Limits: Maximum of $500 per withdrawal, and a monthly limit of $1000.

Setting/Changing Your PIN:

Change your ATM PIN via the Atlas app: Credit Card → Manage Cards → Physical Card.

ATM Withdrawal with Atlas Card:

  • Daily limit: $500

  • Monthly limit: $1000

  • The withdrawal amount is subject to your 'Available to Spend'. Check this in the Credit Card section on the Home page of the Atlas app.

ATM Accessibility and Fees:

  • Withdraw from any nationwide ATM.

  • Note: ATM providers may charge additional fees. ATM owner-operators and merchants may have their own withdrawal limits and fees.

Troubleshooting ATM Withdrawals:

If an ATM declines your transaction, verify your account balance in the Atlas app. For issues with sufficient balance, contact support with your ATM receipt if available.

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