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How do I find my Atlas account number and routing number?

To locate your account and routing numbers in the Atlas app, simply follow these steps:

1. Open the Atlas app

2. Tap Menu

3. Select Deposit Account to view your account and routing numbers.

Can Atlas help me manage my bills?

Yes, the Atlas app is designed to help you keep track of your recurring bills:

  • Navigate to Deposit Account > Recent Transactions to view all the bills paid using your account and routing numbers.

  • If you haven't yet used your account for bill payments, tap Pay my bills in the Deposit Account section on the app's homepage. Here, you can easily copy your Atlas Deposit Account details.

  • Please note, that you can only use the available balance in your Deposit Account. This may be different than the available credit on your card.

What if I don’t see one of my bills?

It might take up to two billing cycles for a new merchant to appear in Deposit Account > Recent Transactions. If you don't see an expected merchant or transaction, please check back soon. Note that in rare cases, some merchants' billing systems may not be compatible with this feature.

What kinds of bills should I pay with my Atlas Deposit Account?

Your Atlas Deposit Account is versatile and can be used to pay a wide range of bills, including rent, utilities (electricity, water, gas), and other essential services that aren't payable via your Atlas credit card.

Will I get points for paying my bills with my Atlas Deposit Account?

Points are exclusively earned through transactions made with your Atlas Credit Card. Payments made from your Atlas Deposit Account do not qualify for points accumulation.

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