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Are there spending limits on virtual cards?
Are there spending limits on virtual cards?
Updated over a week ago

In general, you can spend up to your full Spend Power with virtual cards. However, for new accounts, virtual cards have a max spending limit of $100 which gets removed once the physical card arrives and is activated.

Order your physical card:

You can order a card easily within the Atlas app:

  1. Open the app

  2. Tap Menu on the bottom right

  3. Scroll and select Contact support

  4. Select "Card Management"

  5. Select "Request physical card"

  6. Follow the prompts

Updated 10.17.2023:

Moving forward, if you have direct deposit, your virtual card limit may increase by the amount of your last direct deposit.


If you are a direct deposit user, and $250 was deposited into your Atlas account, your virtual card limit will rise to $250.

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